1. I forgot my password?
  2. I forgot my username?
  3. How do I change my password?
  4. How do I join?
  5. How do I update my account?
  6. Why do I need to be subscribed to receive information?

  1. What type of offers are listed in OfferSauce?
  2. How do I view and buy offers?
  3. How do I request a particular offer?
  4. How do I submit an offer?
  5. What do I receive cash and points for?
  6. Why can't I see an offer after I buy it?
  7. How long do I have to submit my offer for approval?
  8. Can I purchase offers anywhere and redeem them on OfferSauce?
  9. How do I buy an offer not listed on OfferSauce?
  10. Why are some offers "points only"?

  1. Can I withdraw if I live outside the United States?
  2. What's the minimum amount I can withdraw?
  3. How do I earn cash?
  4. How frequently can I withdraw my money?
  5. How do I withdraw money?
  6. Why do I have to be phone verified?
  7. What happens if I want to get a refund on an offer?
  8. Why are some cash & points locked?
  9. Why don't I see instant credit to my account when I click submit?
  10. Where did my cash balance go?

Reward Points
  1. How do I get points and what do I do with them?
  2. How do I redeem points?
  3. How do I convert cash to points?
  4. How do I get my rewards?
  5. How can I earn extra points?
  6. Why are some cash & points locked?

Affiliate Program
  1. How does the affiliate program work?
  2. What is my affiliate link?
  3. How long do I receive commissions?
  4. Can I promote a specific offer on OfferSauce?
  5. How can I refer a specific offer?
  6. When my referrals join OfferSauce, when do I receive commission?

  1. What is the benefit of OfferSauce for sellers?
  2. Do I have to register a seller's account?
  3. How do I submit an offer?

  1. Is my banner automatically added after I pay for the impressions?
  2. What type of ads are currently available on OfferSauce?
  3. Can I advertise my own offer on OfferSauce?