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What is the benefit of OfferSauce for sellers?
There are several reasons OfferSauce will enhance your offer, below are just a few:

OfferSauce has a large membership base (that is constantly growing) of active & targeted WSO, FSO and Clickbank buyers and will promote your offer to our large, captive audience.

OfferSauce provides several fraud prevention tools that we implement to ensure that both buyers and sellers are protected.

Purchases made through OfferSauce have a significantly lower refund rate. Our members have greater retention and a vested interest in not refunding frivolously.

OfferSauce offers have a cash back incentive, increasing your overall conversion rates.

Our offers are less likely to end up on "blackhat" sites.

1. What is the benefit of OfferSauce for sellers?
2. Do I have to register a seller's account?
3. How do I submit an offer?