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Can I promote a specific offer on OfferSauce?
Yes. To promote a specific offer, search for the offer title in the offers section and append the URL with your referral ID. For example, if you want to promote a specific offer, you would locate the offer and copy the URL, adding your REF ID (OfferSauce username) after. Please see the example link below: (example only - do not use this link)

Otherwise the pre-populated affiliate links are available in the referral center to promote OfferSauce as a community and you will receive referral commissions for the members that join, regardless of specific offers promoted.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you refer a new Member, you will always receive commissions from their purchases & cash-back - regardless of whether your referral(s) registered via a direct offer link (example above) or via your direct referral URL that can be found in the referral center.

**Thank you to OfferSauce Member "Leroy" for helping us to explore and further develop this referral feature in the OfferSauce community! 

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